New project: English translation Bookkeepers of the Holocaust. Dutch civil servants and the collaboration

Baarn, 27 January World Holocaust Remembrance Day, 2022.

Bookkeepers of the Holocaust is an academic study of the Holocaust in the Netherlands; a country where 75% of the Jewish population is murdered, the highest percentage of the occupied West-European counties. The historian Rob Bakker researched the role of the Dutch registration, isolation, robbing, arresting, and deportation of the Jews. 

The administrative role of the Dutch civil servants is highlighted, the actions of the Dutch police and the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (railways), including the Dutch business played a decisive role in the outcome the high mortgage figures. The Holocaust in the Netherlands is typecast by the Dutch historian Jacques Presser as: ‘Genocide as an official task‘. As Adolf Eichmann told during his process in Israel about the Netherlands: ” Diese Transporte rillten, dass man sagen kann, es war ein pracht’. (‘In the Netherlands the trains rolled beautiful’).

Rob Bakker did his research in the official archives of the national- and local administrations, in the administrations of the police, the railways and of Kamp Westerbork and Kamp Vught, the assembly camps of the Dutch Jews and the portal to the death in the Nazi camps.

Besides his own research by more than 500 studies and books with the latest developments in Dutch research of the Holocaust, and actual international research of recognized scholars. (And that’s not the recent commercial project and book about The Betrayal of Anna Frank.)

Funds are being raised for the translation of this voluminous study of 736 pages by the literary Foundation Stichting NOBEL (Nederlandse Onafhankelijke Behartiging Literatuur; Dutch Independence Support Literature). The Foundation is a Dutch registered (Chamber of Commerce KVK 41002062) and fiscally recognized cultural organization (fiscal number ANBI 816639012).

For further information, please use the next email: (stichtingnoble-one@etc).

For more information about the book, please send mail the author Rob Bakker:

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